Got to Instructor Adrienne Gaskell Info Page
Adrienne Gaskell
Metal fabrication, needle weaving, and Japanese braiding techniques are combined to create my unique jewelry designs. Alexander Calder’s mobiles and jewelry inspires my use of movement, giving each piece a sense of play while still being attractive a... [more]

Got to Instructor Amy Loh Kupser Info Page
Amy Loh Kupser
I've been an artist all my life, from the time I could pick up a crayon to now. I enjoy sharing the creative joy of beading with others by teaching and designing. I've been designing beadwork for over 20 years and continue to experiment with beads, f... [more]

Got to Instructor Anna Elizabeth Draeger Info Page
Anna Elizabeth Draeger
Anna Elizabeth Draeger has been beading for 20 years, and teaching for the past 10 years. She works as an associate editor at Bead & Button magazine, is a Create Your Style – Swarovski Elements Ambassador, and the author of Crystal Brilliance – Maki... [more]

Got to Instructor Anne E. Mitchell Info Page
Anne E. Mitchell
Anne started her creative career over 25 years ago as a professional lighting designer. Looking for another outlet for her artistic energies, Anne began teaching chain making and metal working approximately 14 years ago for just pure enjoyment. Durin... [more]

Got to Instructor Anne Mayer Hesse Info Page
Anne Mayer Hesse
Anne Mayer Hesse grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio; received a BS in English education from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, a Master's in special education from the University of Cincinnati, and certification to teach art from Seminole Community College ... [more]

Got to Instructor Atena Komar Info Page
Atena Komar
I have been making jewelry for over 20 years and teaching jewelry arts for 7 years and find that I am most inspired by helping others discover their creative genius. As a self-taught artist I understand how difficult it can be to gather the courage t... [more]

Got to Instructor Beads Etc Info Page
Beads Etc
Beads Etc has been teaching in the Orlando area for 10 years. Known as the "Orlando's Friendliest Bead Store", Beads Etc is a full service bead store and teaching studio. We have a wide selection of Swarovski crystals in all shapes and sizes. Our ... [more]

Got to Instructor Bernadette Denoux Info Page
Bernadette Denoux
Bernadette started working with metal clay in 2005, is certified Level 2 with PMC Connection, and is a Senior Instructor with Art Clay World USA. She received certification in The Fine Jewelry Program from the Miami Jewelry School, and started teachi... [more]

Got to Instructor Betcey Ventrella Info Page
Betcey Ventrella
Betcey opened Beyond Beadery in 1987 in Woodstock, New York. She and her husband regularly load 5 tons of beads and Swarovski Elements into their truck and haul them across the country, setting up shop for a few days before packing it all up again an... [more]

Got to Instructor Beth Jessup Info Page
Beth Jessup
I have hand crafted woven and bead jewelry my entire life. I create my artworks in my private studio, and travel the U.S. crafting jewelry, teaching people how to craft it, and learning techniques from other artisans... continually honing my skills. ... [more]

Got to Instructor Bobbie Taylor Info Page
Bobbie Taylor
I moved to Florida from East Tennessee. Jane of Janes Fiber and Beads (now has been an old and dear friend. Years ago she asked if I would like to learn to bead crochet and make jewelry to sell at Bead Mercantile Shows. I agreed, n... [more]

Got to Instructor Brenda Schweder Info Page
Brenda Schweder
Brenda Schweder is an artist, author, teacher, creativity columnist, and inventor of Now That’s a Jig!, the wire bending system that Sits Tight and Stays Put! She’s written Steel Wire Jewelry (Lark Jewelry & Beading), and Junk to Jewelry and Vintage ... [more]

Got to Instructor Bronwen Heilman Info Page
Bronwen Heilman
Bronwen Heilman has been working with glass since 1996. Her work can been seen in many galleries across the U.S. and the world. She has taught glass bead making since 1998 at her studio in Arizona, as well as studios throughout the U.S. and abroad. S... [more]

Got to Instructor Carl Spunde Info Page
Carl Spunde
Carl Spunde was born in Kentucky in 1957 to Latvian immigrants from World War II and has developed his own particular vision over the years. Taking an early interest in art, his first juried sculpture from high school was exhibited in Washington DC, ... [more]

Got to Instructor Carmen Gonzalez Info Page
Carmen Gonzalez
Española abajo Carmen González is an experienced beading and polymer Clay artist. She has been an active Member of the South Florida Jewelry Arts guild since 2008 and has held a committee position in 2018 and 2019. She has taken classes with teacher... [more]

Got to Instructor Catherine Kononoff Info Page
Catherine Kononoff
A professional educator, Cathy is a jeweler and certified Metal Clay instructor. An avid bead weaver, she teaches bead weaving at Miami Dade College and metalclay/fine jewelry techniques at her home studio. [more]

Got to Instructor Chris Thomas Info Page
Chris Thomas
Chris Thomas is the owner of a retail bead store and co-founder of “feMaille”, a line of chain maille kits and bulk enameled copper jump rings. She especially enjoys teaching and watching students expand their knowledge and understanding of a project... [more]

Got to Instructor Christina Haney-Dykes Info Page
Christina Haney-Dykes
Christina (Tina) enjoys teaching and watching students expand their knowledge of a project or technique. Jewelry is one of the arts where you never stop learning. She has taught classes in fused glass, metal fabrication, chain mail, enameling, and et... [more]

Got to Instructor Christina Haney-Dykes/Merie Klink Info Page
Christina Haney-Dykes/Merie Klink
Christina enjoys teaching and watching students expand their knowledge of a project or technique. She believes that jewelry is an art where you never stop learning. She has taught classes in metal fabrication, etching, chain mail, enameling and fused... [more]

Got to Instructor Cindy Hulsey Info Page
Cindy Hulsey
I have been playing with seed beads since 1970. I have been teaching all things seed beady since 1995. I have been selling my beadwork since 1985. I started Bead Embroidering in 1985-ish. I create and sell my own patterns for Bead Knitted bags and po... [more]

Got to Instructor Cooky Schock Info Page
Cooky Schock
Cooky feels that the materials she works with have an energy all their own, and she sees so much more than an inanimate piece of metal; instead, an object full of possibilities. The materials offer spontaneous design potential and sharpen problem-sol... [more]

Got to Instructor Dia Daniels Info Page
Dia Daniels
As a true child of the 60s, I began beading in high school and never really stopped. I took my first class in wire 8 years ago and have been amazed with the endless possibilities. My finished pieces are all hand crafted with an earthy, ethnic flavor ... [more]

Got to Instructor Diane Sepanski Info Page
Diane Sepanski
Diane's artistic journey began with glass, moved into metal clay and has continued to expand with the addition of lampwork beads, and other metal working to her repertoire. Diane continues to challenge herself by entering contests and challenges in d... [more]

Got to Instructor Doug Baldwin Info Page
Doug Baldwin
Doug Baldwin is a commercial and fine art photographer. After receiving his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Photography from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, he opened a commercial photography company. Since then he has worked wi... [more]

Got to Instructor Geneva Info Page
Descended from five generations of professional artists, jewelry makers and restorers of Indian artifacts, Geneva Perkins was born into the world of art and fell in love with it at an early age. Following in the footsteps of her great-uncle, Joe Gran... [more]

Got to Instructor Gerry Florida Info Page
Gerry Florida
Gerry Florida is an award winning recycle jewelry artist who has devoted her time to teaching adults, disabled seniors and at-risk youth. As a "devout imperfectionist", she employs this philosophy to challenge established perceptions of value and app... [more]

Got to Instructor Hannah Rosner Info Page
Hannah Rosner
Hannah has taught beadweaving and lampworking at bead stores, national bead shows and conferences, and bead societies across the US. In 2014 she will will present classes at Bead & Button and BeadFest. She is a STARMAN Beads Trendsetter. In 2012 she ... [more]

Got to Instructor Holly Gage Info Page
Holly Gage
Holly Gage of Gage Designs has a pioneering spirit that allows her to explore unusual methods and materials, develop new techniques, and teaching her findings to others who possess a similar curiosity and a thirst to learn. She is a full-time Contemp... [more]

Got to Instructor Jean Elizabeth Glass Info Page
Jean Elizabeth Glass
Jean Elizabeth learned Kumihimo in 2009 three days before she was scheduled to give a Kumihimo demonstration. It is that easy to learn! She has been braiding everything in sight since. [more]

Got to Instructor Jennifer Fahnestock Info Page
Jennifer Fahnestock
Jennifer Fahnestock has been beading since an early age. Only 3 years did she discover a love of lampworking and chain making. She now provides instruction in both, and also offers high quality, hand-cut jump rings and lampwork beads for other enthus... [more]

Got to Instructor Jennifer Shibona Info Page
Jennifer Shibona
Jenny has been a beadweaver and instructor for over 20 years. She is always busy teaching at bead shows throughout the United States and working on her unique designs and kits. Widely recognized for her artistic accomplishments, Jenny was a finalist ... [more]

Got to Instructor Jill Wiseman Info Page
Jill Wiseman
Jill is a national beading teacher at bead shows, bead societies, and bead stores coast-to-coast, and is known by her students as a patient teacher with a great sense of humor. Jill specializes in simple but classically beautiful designs that are wea... [more]

Got to Instructor Joy Cichewicz Info Page
Joy Cichewicz
Joy’s been playing with wire and metals since high school. She became obsessed with working hot glass in a torch 6 years ago and started creating glass beads and small sculptures. Many of her beads are incorporated into her jewelry. Joy loves to watc... [more]

Got to Instructor Judy Kintner (Gilmartin) Info Page
Judy Kintner (Gilmartin)
Judy has worked with the beadspinner and bead crochet for more than 10 years. Some of her pieces are shown in the first bead crochet ropes book by Judith Bertiglio-Giffin. She has been active in the bead world for many years and is an experienced tea... [more]

Got to Instructor Justin Mirigliani Info Page
Justin Mirigliani
Owner of Just For You Training and Consulting LLC. 13 years of corporate & personal instruction Trainer for national and international companies Trainer has been nationally televised (QVC) 97.5% approval rate Trainer has been lead instructor for... [more]

Got to Instructor Karen Lewis Info Page
Karen Lewis
Klew and the clay met in the 80s and it has been a beautiful journey to this day. From tangible objects to joyful jewelry accents and one of a kind focal pieces, her love for this medium is evident in every piece she creates. Klew has produced 5 DVDs... [more]

Got to Instructor Kasey Toledo Mazzara Info Page
Kasey Toledo Mazzara
Kasey is a bi-lingual, multitalented artist of many forms. She lives in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Kasey has been teaching in Florida for 25 years, in many art forms, including hand painting porcelain sinks and tiles, and decorative painting in all med... [more]

Got to Instructor Kate Dowd Info Page
Kate Dowd
I have a fine arts background, and have been beading for 6 years. I am proficient in seed bead designs, and have been teaching beadwork for 4 years. I am on the board of the Bead Society of Central Florida (Orlando), and a former member of the Rocky ... [more]

Got to Instructor Kate Mckinnon Info Page
Kate Mckinnon
Kate McKinnon is a writer, metalsmith, and a seed bead artist who teaches and lectures internationally. Winner of the Saul Bell award for design with metal clay in 2003. Kate is the author of three popular books on jewelry design, and is widely regar... [more]

Got to Instructor Kathleen Robinson Young Info Page
Kathleen Robinson Young
I found my calling as an artist mid-life. Always described as a creative person, I was reluctant to think of myself as an artist. But with a strong need to do something creative with jewelry left by my grandmother, and determined not to dispose of al... [more]

Got to Instructor Katie Pauli Info Page
Katie Pauli
Katie has worked with FiberAndBeads for over 5 years. Prior to that she had worked with A.C. Moore and taught classes for them. She has been making and selling jewelry since 2007. [more]

Got to Instructor Kelly Angeley Info Page
Kelly Angeley
Kelly Angeley lives and works out of her home studio in Florence, Oregon. Kelly holds a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts from Western Washington University, where she began her artistic career as a painter; however, a healthy obsession with beadwork ha... [more]

Got to Instructor Kelly Ladas Info Page
Kelly Ladas
I've been in the bead business for nearly 40 years! Time does fly when you're having fun. Getting to play with beads every day and make a living at it never gets boring. Through the years I've done so many types of bead work that at times I call myse... [more]

Got to Instructor Laurie Nessel Info Page
Laurie Nessel
Laurie Nessel teaches flameworking and directs the Glass Studio at the Mesa Arts Center in Mesa, Arizona. She started blowing glass in her teens and did stained glass professionally for 28 years. Flameworking since 1998, she concentrates on core-form... [more]

Got to Instructor Lewis C Wilson Info Page
Lewis C Wilson
Lewis has been a lampworker for 38 years and has produced over 24 videos and DVDs. He is a show promoter and glass event organizer and the founding member of ISGB. [more]

Got to Instructor Linda Hess Info Page
Linda Hess
In 1994 I purchased my first pieces of polymer clay jewelry. The artist told me about the material and how easy it was to work with. I immediately purchased some of the clay at my local craft store and went home to experiment. From that experimentati... [more]

Got to Instructor Linda Landy Info Page
Linda Landy
Linda has taught bead weaving for more than eight years at the Alper JCC, Bead Boutique and privately. She has given numerous demonstrations for the South Florida Jewelry Arts Guild and will soon teach their six-week peyote boot camp. Linda is known ... [more]

Got to Instructor Linda Richman Info Page
Linda Richman
Linda Richman is a multi talented, world-class artist living in South Florida. She enjoys many forms of handwork including painting, dollmaking, Kumihimo, bead weaving and metal smithing. For the past 25 years she has taught many different art forms ... [more]

Got to Instructor Lisa Allen Info Page
Lisa Allen
Combining Fine Arts, Pre-med, Art History, and an advanced training program in Italy through Indiana University, I expanded my artistic horizon and now am able to work in the diverse field of medical illustration. I also explore traditional artistic ... [more]

Got to Instructor Margaret Aden Info Page
Margaret Aden
Each piece is hand wrought for you by designer Margaret Aden in her Tucson studio. As a graduate of the United States Naval Academy and a former Naval Officer, Margaret traveled extensively and draws upon many cultural influences when creating her fu... [more]

Got to Instructor Margaret Zinser Info Page
Margaret Zinser
Margaret lives in Tucson, Arizona, and has worked with glass since 2001. In 2004, she completed work for her Master’s degree in Entomology (another fascination with things small and colorful), and her background is certainly apparent in her insect-th... [more]

Got to Instructor Maria Rypan Info Page
Maria Rypan
Maria Rypan is a well-known bead artist, researcher and recognized expert on "gerdany", Ukrainian-style of beadwork. Her work is featured in many beadwork publications. Since 1995 Maria teaches, produces a kit line and lectures on beading and global ... [more]

Got to Instructor Mariela Corte Info Page
Mariela Corte
Mariela is a bilingual Jewelry Designer and Metal-smith Artist. She loves all forms of Art, and enjoys creating “Wearable Art” with a variety of materials such as wire, sheet metal, beads, gems, fibers, resin, paper, found objects, and re-purposed vi... [more]

Got to Instructor Marti Brown Info Page
Marti Brown
Marti Brown was always interested in the arts. As a child, some of her fondest memories included art camp, painting in her basement, art classes in summer school, and involvement in choral music. Marti became a professional artist and craftsman after... [more]

Got to Instructor Mary Pierce Info Page
Mary Pierce
Mary Pierce is a seasoned marketing professional with over 15 years experience using social media to promote products and events. [more]

Got to Instructor Merie Klink/Christina Haney-Dykes Info Page
Merie Klink/Christina Haney-Dykes
Merie began her jewelry arts addition in the 1970s as a beader. In fact, she still owns the first beads she bought! Over the years Merie’s craving for creativity brought her to experience many mediums, but her true passion is to work in metals and gl... [more]

Got to Instructor Michelle McCarthy Info Page
Michelle McCarthy
Michelle McCarthy is currently a pottery and jewelry instructor for Ringling School of Art. Michelle has been creating art for most of her life and she enjoys working with many mediums. Clay and jewelry go hand in hand with her whimsical ceramic bead... [more]

Got to Instructor Naoko Nojiri Info Page
Naoko Nojiri
I started jewelry design in New York in 1995. In the year of 2007, I encountered a wool felt making technique using soapy water and/or a needle. Accidentally, I placed my bead on my felt. Voila! It was amazingly pretty! Since then, I have been expand... [more]

Got to Instructor Phyllis Martin-Rennie Info Page
Phyllis Martin-Rennie
Stitching, metal working & "Sparkle & Shine" are a big part of my personal universe along with my family & dogs. The "Ah Ha" moment my students get is just like adding hot fudge on ice cream to me. I'm aware that each person learns a little different... [more]

Got to Instructor Rachel Stirling Info Page
Rachel Stirling
When Rachel Stirling started creating jewelry, it didn’t take long before she was teaching jewelry classes. With a degree in Elementary Education, she is able to clearly explain and demonstrate concepts so they are easy to understand and is often pra... [more]

Got to Instructor Rashan Omari Jones Info Page
Rashan Omari Jones
Rashan Omari Jones is a borosilicate lampworker living in Albuquerque, New Mexico. A life long passion was found in the spring of 2001 after an apprenticeship opportunity left him hopelessly addicted to molten glass. He currently works out of GreyMat... [more]

Got to Instructor Rex Brown Info Page
Rex Brown
Rex Brown and his family have been making and teaching chainmail jewelry since 2006. Their work, which includes over two dozen weaves in many different colors, is sold in approximately forty-five stores across the country. They love to share their pa... [more]

Got to Instructor Ross Thackery Info Page
Ross Thackery
Ross is the founder of ABR Imagery and has been working glass for more than 15 years. From simple beads to lathe turned vessels, Ross loves working with borosilicate glass. [more]

Got to Instructor Sarah Beam Info Page
Sarah Beam
Sarah Beam is the store manager at her mom’s bead shop and co-founder of feMaille Kits. She enjoys teaching and sharing her knowledge of chain maille with new students. Sarah and her mom, Chris Thomas, had a bracelet called “Byzantine Ladder” publish... [more]

Got to Instructor Sharon Hessoun Info Page
Sharon Hessoun
Sharon had been a life-long teacher who found beads and wire in the early 1990s, and has taught at several national venues since 2000. Combining beads and wire, as well as off-loom beadweaving techniques, provides her with many creative avenues. Shar... [more]

Got to Instructor Susan Mara Info Page
Susan Mara
Susan is a silversmith and the director of Firefly Studios at FDJ in Winter Park, FL. She loves making jewelry and learning new techniques to share with her students. [more]

Got to Instructor Sylvie Elise Lansdowne Info Page
Sylvie Elise Lansdowne
Sylvie Elise Lansdowne has been a glass bead artist since 1996 and is known for her Mermaids, Fairies, Angels and Floral beads. She brought that same esthetic to her whimsical beadwork projects, which incorporate her lampworked glass beads into versa... [more]

Got to Instructor Tamara Honaman Info Page
Tamara Honaman
Tamara Honaman teaches, demonstrates and speaks about jewelry making nationally and internationally. She contributes jewelry-making projects, articles and designs to magazines, books, television programs and Fire Mountain Gems and Beads, who produced... [more]

Got to Instructor Tammy Osczepinski Kerber Info Page
Tammy Osczepinski Kerber
Tammy has been making glass beads since November 2002. Her jewelry designs incorporate her beads and enhnace their beauty. Her jewelry can be found in galleries around the country. [more]

Got to Instructor Terry Henry Info Page
Terry Henry
Terry Henry studied art and science at San Jose State University, took her first flame working class in 2005, and immediately fell in love with making glass beads and components. Terry uses her glass components to create unique and one-of-a-kind wear... [more]

Got to Instructor Toni Pullen Info Page
Toni Pullen
Toni is a polymer clay and mixed media artist, freelance writer and educator. She is a lifelong artist and her passion for the creative process dates back to childhood when she began making her own bracelets. Her designs are functional and wearable a... [more]

Got to Instructor Tracy Bell Info Page
Tracy Bell
Tracy Bell traveled and taught with Viking/Husqvarna Sewing Machine Company for 14 years and wrote four self-published books on computerized machine embroidery. During her sewing career, Viking published many of Tracy’s sewing projects. Today Tra... [more]

Got to Instructor Vada Rapp Info Page
Vada Rapp
Vada was originally a computer scientist in the space industry working on the Space Shuttle project. Upon her disability she took up beading and has been beading and assisting other's in learning how to bead for over 6 years. She is a member of the C... [more]


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