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Descended from five generations of professional artists, jewelry makers and restorers of Indian artifacts, Geneva Perkins was born into the world of art and fell in love with it at an early age. Following in the footsteps of her great-uncle, Joe Grandee, a Texas state artist who is famous for his depiction of scenes of the American Old West, Geneva began selling her own artwork at the age of fifteen. Geneva is a fixture in the art world and her work in stained glass, fused glass and lampwork is highly regarded among her peers and patrons alike. Evidence of Geneva's artistic prowess can be found in the many churches, schools, businesses and private residences that proudly display her stained glass designs, brought to life with the help of her son Cody, who operates a full-service stained glass store in Tampa, Florida. Geneva and her mother have published twenty-nine pattern books under the name West of the Moon Publications as well as "GlasClay Basics. The Book!" and "Metal Mania Metal Clay Basics". Geneva is constantly researching cutting edge mediums and techniques, having written books for Diamond Tech and an instruction book for Jen-Ken's Microwave Kiln.
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