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Kino Veterans Memorial Community Center
We're finally back home!

2805 E Ajo Way, Tucson, AZ 85713

Buyer Registration

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Admission Fee: FREE!
*Admission Fee is FREE WHEN YOU REGISTER! (Click Black/Green link above to register for discount & "fast-lane" for show entry)
Children under 12 must be accompanied by adult at all times.
*** If you registered in the past for this event, PLEASE do not register again, simply use the e-mail we will send you shortly before the event for your discounted admission.
8T8 Design 108/110
Afghan Tribal Arts Rear Wall
Atia Design Studio/Lisa Kan Designs Unable To Attend/Please visit Online!
Beads & Crafts, Inc. 105/107/204/206
Bergamin Beads 103
Dvora Silberman 100/102
FiberAndBeads.Com 207/209/304/306
House of Stamps, The 202/301
Lisa Kan Designs Unable To Attend/Please visit Online!
Love Harmony, Inc. 104/106
products by CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG! 207/209/304/306
products by PLATA TRIBAL INTERNATIONAL 207/209/304/306
products by THE BEAD SPINNER LADY 207/209/304/306
Tom and Sage Holland 202
Directions to Show Location:

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Wholesale Buyer Info:
We now DO preregister both retail & wholesale buyers!
If you do not preregister, you may do so at event. (Admission faster for those who preregister-- just click black/green link at top of this page)
Wholesale Buyers: It is suggested that you bring copies of your retail license as many exhibitors now require copies. (Many now keep a copy on their phones and e-mail to exhibitors during purchase.)
You will only need to show a copy to registration desk, as well as your registration e-mail printout, for wholesale sticker at admission.
WHOLESALE POLICY: This event is open to the public. If you are a wholesale buyer, please bring proper credentials with you (i.e. tax resale license and business cards). Please note that while this event is open to the public, most if not all, exhibitors will conduct wholesale transactions with you but the following conditions must be met: (a) the exhibitor is willing to make a wholesale transaction- few may not carry inventory for such transactions, especially if their products are hand made, (b) you have proper credentials with you (listed above), and (c) your purchase meets their minimum requirement for such a transaction (each exhibitor sets their own minimum, usually as low as $100). If ALL conditions are NOT met, THE EXHIBITOR MAY NOT process the sale as a wholesale transaction as it will violate show policy and/or state laws. Please be respectful of this and do not ask the exhibitor to risk expulsion or heavy fines for the purpose of a sale, as this may be considered criminal solicitation.

Fri-Tues: 10AM-6PM
Wed:   10AM-5PM

Gem Mall/Holidome

Gem Mall/Holidome


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